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by Franki

AMD has recently released 2 new high end CPU’s (Central Processing Unit) otherwise known as the brain of your PC. The AMD64 4000+ and the FX-55, the former being the consumer CPU of choice and the latter being the high end workstation and heavy duty gamer choice.

Every test I’ve read, (and that’s been a few, as I’ve long been an avid AMD fan) has stated that the new AMD CPU’s totally trounces anything Intel has released or seems likely to release in the next 6 months (at the very least). In fact several of the tests I read were clear on the fact that the AMD chips even beat the Intel CPU’s when they are over clocked to their maximum, and this is while running 32 bit applications when WinXP64 is released, it will pull ahead even further ahead.

My past experience with Intel was when I worked for a international manufacturer/distributor of PC’s and components, and even back then. (In the Pentium 133 – Slot 1 PII days) Intel did their best to twist the truth around to suit their marketing posture. I still clearly remember being told that the socket CPU was dead and would never return and that the slot CPU was the future. Odd that many years later, Intel are now using only socket CPU’s and have not released a slot CPU in a very long time now.

Not only that but Intel ridiculed AMD’s efforts to rightly convince the world that raw MHZ didn’t matter as much as actual performance. And yet now that Intel are being absolutely flogged in the performance stakes and their “wonderful” Netburst CPU (the P4) didn’t scale quite as well as they wanted, they are now moving to designs like the much lower speed Pentium M and trying to move the focus away from the very raw MHZ that they touted as the be all and end all until very recently. (Actually, in the Pentium M stakes, AMD are trouncing them in both performance and clock speed, so now Intel are pushing the package as a whole, whatever that means.)

Even if you don’t like AMD, keep in mind that without them, you’d likely be paying at least double what you do now for your Intel CPU. As far as I am concerned, it’s time for someone else to shine, Intel needs a lesson in ethics and marketing and AMD are the only ones around that can give it to them.



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