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by Don

I continue to be amazed that Network Solutions is still in business and trying to sell domain names. Here is the latest from them:

Take advantage of the Network Solutions® Winter Sale today – it won’t last long!* Saving big is easy with this special offer to register 3 or more domain names for any term at the low price of *just $15 each* per year!*

Well that’s not a sale when most of the world sells single name, no promo, domain names for less than that. The only thing I can figure must keep them in the business is the renewal of names they had in their trust long before prices started to reflect the automation of the process.

Granted, that many cut rate domain name providers have questionable ownership provisions written into their policies. And, (my personal favorite) is long on promos and ads themselves (sure would be nice if there was a way to turn that off once and for all). While I am not all that keen on the skimpy girl advertising bent followed by apparent horny guy Bob over at GoDaddy, they were the first to give names fast and cheap with no doubt you own your own name. I soon learned to not give a client’s email address in the registration because they were soon suggesting that you could host with them (I have that business thank you) and they could use godaddy software to bang a page together quickly (that’s what I’m doing thank you). But once I learned not to hand over that information, life became good.

Would I consider some other equally easy registrar with less advertising? Of course. I have even considered taking out my own reseller account through GoDaddy’s affiliate company as I have something between 50-100 names a year I am doing. But I have always decided that the hastle just isn’t worth it.

So what am I missing? Are people too bothered by GoDaddy’s ads and hence over at Network Solutions? Is that the issue?

One Response to “Network Solutions – what business model?”

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