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by Don

While on the Duct Tape Marketing site, I found a plug for Basecamp, a project management/collaboration tool. As this came right after his prior post on “give something away for free and do not wreck it with small print”, I was drawn in to give it a try and see what kind of hooks this had. The free version of Basecamp is very “basic” compared to some other versions, but still very powerful. It is to be distinguished however from the thirty day trial of the more significant versions.

I immediately put a fast moving project I am working on into my free copy of BaseCamp. I am sufficiently impressed, that I may buy a bigger version to manage each project that I have going. It really makes a project managable …

It allowed me to create todo lists (I don’t like the fact that once I create a list I cannot simply delete it). It took me a minute to catch on. You create a list and then add items to each list. You can add and delete the items while they are pending, but not after they are completed. My client can also add todo items (I gave her permission to do so). She was sending me emails and each email might have had one or more todo items in it. I was having to take those from her email to my list. This is much better. In addition, I have been waiting on her for a couple of todo’s on her end. I was able to assign those to her so that she could see I was expecting something from her.

It has a message system built in and a milestone feature in the free version. Best of all, it is monthly should I decide to buy it, so I can upgrade as I put more projects on and need more, and downgrade as I finish projects and need less. My only concern is that as a Web 2.0 type of site (where the site hosts my content on their servers in more or less a utility), what happens if I discontinue the program. They have archiving of projects, but can I then download that in some useable format for a later time. I am off to find out, but I would like those with experience to drop us some comments if they would be so kind.

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